Hello, my name is Eric Mahoney.

I'm an IT major at George Mason University, passionate about Web Development.

a headshot of myself

About Me:

My name is Eric, I'm 20 years old, and I'm an aspiring web developer. I've been interested in computers for as long as I can remember. Even as a little boy, I've always loved building them, taking them apart, modding video games, and my new obsession: programming.

Currently, I study Information Technology at George Mason University with a concentration in Databases and Programming.

In my free-time, I love to run. Earlier in the year, my sister and I ran our first 5K and I fell in love with it. Currently, I run over 10 miles a week and I plan to start training for the DC Marathon soon!

I'm also an avid follower of Soccer (Manchester City), Football (NY Giants), and I love listening to EDM.


Event Services Mockup

screenshot of event services website

The website linked above was a site I developed for my work, Event Services. I work as an Event Support Assistant and we use this site regularly to access certain forms. While it is functional, it looks a bit outdated. So, off the clock I did a mockup of how I would design the site if I could do it myself. It's mainly HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I chose to use jQuery for the easy selectors, the fadeIn() function, and the hide() function.

Portfolio Website

screenshot of this portfolio website

Another project that I want to talk about is this site. This was a very fun project and it taught me a lot! It's also my first portfolio site. For this website, I chose to use Javascript's jQuery framework for all of the main animation on the screen. I also used Bootstrap for page responsiveness and the navbar at the top of the screen.

Relevant Coursework:

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